Old pets, annoyances, and love. One day’s experience.

Today was challenging. I had three back to back priorities. The last one was attending an important zoom call only to have my dental appointment run late and have the road to my house (and tech) blocked by a fallen tree. I was forced to have my zoom call on the phone, parked whilst a good neighbor (or two) cleared the tree debris. But we got ‘er done.

I arrived home to discover the power in our neighbourhood was out — and it took quite a while to be restored. All well…

You don’t think you’ll be upset when the domineering feline bids adieux … but you are.

As cats age they keep a lower profile, but they never lose their sense of place. In our home I am the dog snuggler and John is the cat man.

For twenty years that waif of a tuxedo cat, Kitty, had been part of our lives. We picked her up from the side of the road. Though tiny, when we walked in the door she took on the dogs immediately and would hammer their canine noses to establish her position.

I am a fan of birds and tried so hard to keep her indoors. I used to get so angry…

Resolutions are often short lived. Many have given up on making them. How about choosing a word to align yourself with instead?

2020 is here. As usual I want to: lose weight, make twice the money I made last year (which wasn’t all that much), and perhaps find a halo to wear daily that makes me patient, wise, and kind — instead of somewhat mercurial and very skilled at swearing.

LMAO. Seriously. LMFAO actually. But perhaps I shouldn’t be so cynical. In truth I believe (and we all know) if you add the building blocks — habits, routines and accountability to another person and make things measurable and simple (See S.M.A.R.T Goals) you will do just fine.

There will be TONS of…

You think it’s game over but sometimes it isn’t. The case of one old hound.

Freckles the Forever Dog

Talk to any pet owner and their number one fear is waiting too long to euthanize their pet. It’s the fear of being unfair, selfish and unwilling to let your furry friend go, even though they are in pain. Who wants to be that person?

But what about when you are ready. You’ve screwed up your courage, set up the appointment, cried your eyes out, alerted those close to you, yet it turns out you’ve jumped the gun. Your pet, according to professional opinions, is not ready for the rainbow bridge.

My husband and I are real softies when it…

The two sides of us.

“Sometimes I am the soul of wisdom

able to deftly unravel life’s knots

for myself and others.

Sometimes I’m a heap of insecurity

reaching for the bed covers

to pull over my head.

Sometimes I feel like I get it,

the simplest of wisdom,

and can shed a little light

where needed.

At least give a hug,

or make someone laugh out loud.

Sometimes I feel inept,

hollow, and a little fraudulent

and wonder if I know

anything at all..

Maybe it’s for the best

that sometimes I feel so much

as opposed to feeling nothing at all.

It’s 2018 and I’m almost at the end of the wedding season. I’ve been delighted by the couples I’ve served and we’ve had a lot of fun. But here on Vancouver Island it’s been exceptionally hot, we’ve been in drought, and have suffered an alarming number of forest fires. As a matter of fact the province of British Columbia was forced to declare a state of emergency this summer.

What do drought and forest fires (besides the obvious) have to do with weddings you ask? It’s simple blazing heat can make or break your ceremony.

Most of my wedding ceremonies…

Setting me on a different path.

It’s hard to conceive that a loved one’s death can lead to any good, especially when it’s a sister (who doubled as your mother when you lost your mum in your teens.) But losing my sister Iris set me on a completely different path — one that I would never have otherwise known. One that just feels right.

Iris died in 2006 at the age of 58. Her Unitarian minister was on vacation on the other side of the country and unable to perform my sister’s celebration of life as we’d planned. My two brothers, remaining sister, and Iris’s husband…

Ceri Peacey

I love life, nature, dogs, computers and flaw-some people. I own & operate Oceanside Celebrant Services in Qualicum Beach, BC http://celebrant.ca

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